Reward for participating in the program is up to UAH 60 000 Become an egg donor -
give life

Reward for participating in the program is up to UAH 60 000

  • Make happy a married couple dreaming of their own child.
  • Comprehensive free examination.
  • Anonymity and confidentiality.
  • The clinic has 20-year experience, so it professionally approaches work with each donor.
  • Our coordinator will be in touch with you throughout the program.
  • You can count on caring attitude and high payment in our clinic.
  • How does it work?
    • Fill in questionnaire
      Just 5 minutes
    • Manager’s call
    • Convenient visit time
      You choose
    • Take a free examination
      Depends on your free time but not more than 2 months
    • Conclusion of a contract
    • Introduction to the program
      Egg retrieval
    • Reward receipt
    Reasons to become an egg donor
    Additional income
    You can provide yourself with additional income without any harm to your main job.
    You help people
    There is a couple in love somewhere nearby who wants a child. Help them become parents!
    Free schedule
    You make your own examination schedule. Relations in the family and at work will be preserved. Your participation is completely confidential!
    Free examination
    The examination includes control of all basic blood parameters, complete gynecological examination, advice of a highly qualified therapist and gynecologist.
    Participation terms
    from 18 to 32 years
    Age from 18 to 32 years
    Stimulation and eggs collection is performed in a leading clinic in Lviv
    • Age: from 18 to 32 years
    • At least one own healthy child
    • Lack of lactation.
    • Absence of infections over a lifetime: hepatitis (B, C), syphilis, HIV and absence of antibodies to these infections
    • No previous surgeries on the ovaries
    • Weight up to 80 kg

    Infertility problem remains extremely relevant today not only for Ukraine but also for the whole world, since there are already at least 50-80 million couples in the world who need infertility treatment. Unfortunately, we observe a disappointing trend – this number increases by 2 million couples every year.

    In infertility structure male and female shares are almost equal. But men mostly tend to underestimate importance of the issue since mass opinion imposes a stereotype about infertility as a purely female problem. Numerous so-called “internet experts” also make certain adjustments to “doctor-patient” relations. Having found information of unknown origin on non-professional resources, the patient often tries to impose his opinion on the doctor.

    The first patient’s step in case of infertility is to trust the doctor’s experience and professionalism. Only “doctor-patient” relations based on trust and openness will make it possible to establish correct diagnosis and prescribe the most efficient treatment in a specific case. One has to understand that infertility is a common problem of spouses and only mutual support will give the opportunity to get the desired result.

    This egg donation is one of the most modern technologies helping women fight infertility. Couples who cannot conceive a child on their own due to medical contraindications, often use such services as egg donation in Lviv.

    In order to avoid negative impact on health, you should carefully choose a reliable clinic to participate in donation program. It is important for it to meet certain conditions, have impeccable reputation, positive feedback on egg donation, as well as qualified specialists with experience in reproductive medicine.

    • Initial advice and examination by a specialist.
    • Complete medical examination and ovulation stimulation.
    • Oocyte aspiration and monetary reward.

    Stimulation is achieved by certified medications under careful supervision of qualified specialists. Medication dose is assigned to each woman individually, depending on indications and body peculiarities.

    After the eggs mature, specialists perform oocytes (eggs) aspiration. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, so you will not feel any discomfort or pain.

    Oocytes aspiration lasts only 10-15 minutes under the supervision of qualified specialists. You get recommendations and cash rewards.

    And a married couple has the opportunity to achieve their dream and become parents.

    I recommend this institution, I came from another city and was worried that everything would be fine, but I needed money, so I took a risk. thank you

    I have always looked at and felt sorry for people who want a baby so badly but cannot get pregnant, so I decided to help and do good.
    A very good center, such smart doctors there, she fulfilled her wish and received a reward


    It's such a time now that we need to help each other, that's why I decided to help others and I also really need money.
    She arrived, was met, told in detail, everything happened like that.
    They gave me money, thank you for your humanity

    I was lucky to meet you.
    She did good and improved her financial situation.
    She became an egg donor and received funds.
    The doctors are good, a great reward


    I decided, read, chose, but intuitively chose you, and my intuition has never let me down.
    Humanity is off the scale, everything is honest, consistent.
    Now I will be able to fulfill my dream and I will also be able to buy something for my family

    Margaryta, Uzhhorod




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